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The Nelson
Well it's Carling Cup final day and the Daily Star Sunday Real Ale Pubs have a promotion on - so off we go to The Nelson, Grove Rd, Wallasey to take advantage of a free pint and enjoy a nice meal - I'm guessing this is the idea of both marketing departments , drum up more business and increase the clientele. Hoping the 'new business' can become profitable, loyal and regular customers!
Oh no NOT in The Nelson - first we hand the vouchers in, 2 employees discuss wether Real Ale Pubs is the company they work for or not but this is only the start of the most surreal 15-20 mins of my life.......
As we purchased the first paper at 07.00hrs this morning we used the local garage the 2nd paper when we found out about the offer was purchased from Co-op - I did notice that one voucher was in colour and the other wasn't but then with the papers costing just 50p each I thought maybe the Daily Star Sunday are saving monies on printing costs.
Well that was the start the of the debacle - never in my lifetime have I ever been humiliated, embarrassed or belittled so much as in The Nelson today.
The staff I can only guess 'assumed' (yes that makes an ASS out of U and ME!) I was a master forger - they said they could take the colour voucher not the b&w one, as they believed it wasn't genuine - where they think I have a printing press which delivers 'newspaper quality' copies I'll never know - the whole newspaper only cost 50p today so I don't know if my 'printing press' would of cost more to run!
The whole pub is full of 'special offers' trying to entice people in yet 2 customers were treated to a customer service disaster !
The stand-in manager seemed to smirk throughout the discussion - he's not a front of house man I guess, he told me they don't have phone numbers for their head office yet magically he found one, according to him they have to email!
I went home to prove a point and get the 2 papers for these disbelieving people and we finally got an apology but what a fiasco!
I found the acting manager to be so unhelpful and not once did he ever try and say 'I feel we have let you down, what can I do for you'? I found the customer service awful as not one of the bar staff took the initiative to try and diffuse the situation, I find this unbelievable and remarkable......
After this I will never set foot in the establishment again as they in my case made me feel like nothing more than dirt on their shoe.

Submitted By    A Jenkins      


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